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Children Being Adversely Affected By New Immigration Law

A tough new law in the state of Alabama has had the result of hundreds of parents signing legal documents to ensure that their children can be legally cared for by other relatives and friends should they find themselves in trouble with the law. Indeed, many are living in a state of constant fear over deportation.

The new legal code specifies that law enforcement can stop anyone and ask about their residential and legal status in the state and it also allows for stricter methods to detain and deport illegal immigrants. Many of the children in question are legal American citizens as they were born in the country however, in most cases their parents are not; having entered the states illegally many years ago. It leaves for a legal grey area whereby the child would be eligible to stay in the state but their parents would not hence the large rise in concerned parents essentially handing over control, legally anyway, to friends and relatives should the worst happen.

Civil rights campaigners have been protesting and demanding a federal block on the controversial bill however it is set to stay until at least the end of November when an appeal will begin to be heard. Indeed, many of the parents who had came to the United States illegally have no legal guardians for their children and the result would either be taking them back to their own country or leaving them in state care; an option that imposing on their fundamental rights opponents of the law argue.

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